THE UK government has issued an update on the use of Gibraltar driving licenses in the wake of the December 30 Brexit transition period.

Prior to December 30, Gibraltar citizens enjoyed the right to drive in Spain using their Gibraltar registered driving licenses thanks to EU agreements.

However since the UK’s exit from the Union, talks have been underway to negotiate various issues, legal driving whilst in Spain being one.

This morning, the UK government issued the news that an agreement had been reached to allow those residing in Gibraltar and holding a driving license to the country DO NOT need an International Driving Permit (IDP) when driving in Spain.


  • Motorists resident in Gibraltar who hold valid Gibraltar driving licenses will not be required to hold an IDP when driving in Spain as visitors.
  • Currently, the only countries that an IDP is required are Croatia, Cyprus, France and Italy, however negotiations are underway with the relevant institutions.
  • If you are legally resident in Spain and you hold a Gibraltar driving license you should take steps to exchange your driving license for a Spanish one.
  • You are advised to complete this step prior to July 1 2021.


  • Those who own an EU labelled number plate in Gibraltar are NOT required to swap it for a GBZ registered plate.
  • However when driving in Spain, it is possible in the future that you will be required to display a GBZ number plate, but currently it is not a requirement.
  • The Government would therefore advise the public to err on the side of caution and display GBZ stickers on the back of their vehicles when driving in Spain.


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