MALAGA could push back the date of its annual fair to September. 

The city council is considering postponing the event, typically held in August each year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Council boss Teresa Porras said the city was ‘cautious but not worried’.

malaga feria

Speaking on Tuesday (June 15) Porous said that there are different options being considered by the city, but that it was ‘still too early’ to make a final decision. 

The city wants the coronavirus incidence rate, which is currently above 150 cases, to drop before confirming the official dates of the celebration. 

The Malaga Feria is set to run from Friday, August 13- 21, but the council are considering postponing the festival to coincide with the feast of the Virgen de la Victoria, patron of the city, on September 8.

Porras said:”You have to be cautious, although we are not worried about time because almost everything is contracted. I don’t think it’s bad to wait a bit, but it is clear that in June we will have to decide.”


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