An Elda mother was left distraught after she locked herself out of her car with her two young children trapped inside.

Two Policia Local officers came to her aid by using a special glass cutting tool.

Temperatures reached 33 degrees yesterday afternoon(June 16) in the Alicante Province city as the parent accidently closed the boot of her Audi car parked up on Calle Antares, with the keys inside.

An anti-theft device was automatically activated with a full volume alarm blaring out as her two-year-old daughter and four-year-old son could not get out of the vehicle.

All attempts to prise open a door failed as the security system did its job.

The upset mother even asked passers-by to help her try to smash a window to gain access.

The risks of glass fragments injuring the youngsters was too high and she phoned the Elda Policia Local for help.

Two officers arrived and deployed a special glass-breaking tool used in rescues to break through the right-front window.

The children’s ordeal was over after 30 minutes with the youngsters understandably hot, scared, and tearful.


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