By Elena Gocmen Rueda

THE OLD bullring in Puerto Banus is having a makeover and is set to become a top entertainment venue.

Because of its coliseum shape, it’s the perfect place for all kinds of cultural events and the owners have big plans to turn it into the Costa del Sol’s premiere all-year-round entertainment venue.

They intend to host all kinds of events: from theatre and dance to gastronomic specials and music planning events that will be family friendly and suitable for all audiences.

Marbella arena
Because of its coliseum shape, it’s the perfect place for all kinds of cultural events.

Among the ambitious plans include creating a massive opening dome which will allow for an open air auditorium in summer and a closed one protected from the elements in winter, making it a true all year round venue.

There are also plans to create a nightlife area, which will also be subject to the COVID-19 safety measures, as will the entire arena. This means what is set to be Marbella’s best entertainment venue complies with the terms of The World Travel Tourism Council, which has granted the city the World Seal Of Tourist Security (Safe Travel Stamp).

Not only that, but the Marbella Arena administration guarantees a full refund of the entrance fee for any compelling reason in relation to COVID-19.

The establishment will provide people with unique shows and exclusive experiences, ‘offering different cultural and leisure alternatives in the Costa del Sol’.

Upcoming events include:

Legends Forever, The Concert, on June 22.

Sister Sledge & Mr Maph on June 30.

Tribute to Elton John –  The Elton John Experience – by the Malaga Symphony Orchestra, on August 21.

According to Julio Erostarbe, the CEO of GNP Producciones Culturales – the company that manages the Marbella Arena auditorium – currently the maximum capacity is 1,500 people.

“If for some reason the safety measures were to be modified, the maximum capacity would change,” said Erostarbe.

With a budget of around €700,000, the establishment has been set up to guarantee that people attending all the events will have a great time.

With previous experience in show business, 30-year-old Spaniard Erostarbe and his team are fully prepared to make Marbella Arena one of the key experiences that will set it apart from the rest. 


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