THRILL seekers can now enjoy the challenge of a 17-metre-high climbing wall in Malaga—the tallest indoor climbing wall in Andalucia.

The Municipal Sports Pavilion in Alora has recently opened the highest indoor climbing wall in Andalucia to host various activities and championships.

The new climbing facility was inaugurated by the Mayor of Alora, Francisco Martinez Subires and the Councillor for Sports, Francisco Javier Gonzalez Postigo and boasts a climbing wall of up to 17 metres high, with various routes and blocks, perfect for climbing competitions.

The 17-metre-high wall, the star of the complex, has three different routes with different types of grips differentiated by colour to indicate the different levels of difficulty.

The towering wall, financed by a direct grant given by the Delegation for Environment, Inland Tourism and Climate Change of the Diputacion de Malaga, took four months to build and assemble, work completed by Shaperwalls SL.

According to Alora City Council, the opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Andalucian Climbing Association, Julio Perea; City councilors; the Sergeant of the Civil Guard, Adrian Velasco; the mountain group of the Guardia Civil of Alora; the head of the local police, Antonio Reina; and many local climbing and sports aficionados.

Rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors, is one of the world’s fastest growing mainstream sporting activities and is one of the best total body workouts available.

Once thought of as a sport only for adrenaline junkies, nowadays, with modern safety equipment, it is considered a safe and enjoyable activity for anyone of ages 4 and up.


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