TONIGHT (June 24th) should see the astronomical phenomena known as “The Strawberry Moon” in Spain’s skies.

The rare ‘supermoon’ has an eerie rose-coloured tint that should be visible from 8:30pm.

Strawberry Moon 2

Being this summer’s first full moon, it is mostly referred to as “strawberry moon” or “rose moon”.

It was first named thus by Native American farmers for coinciding with the strawberry harvest season.

This was then revised when European land-workers realised the event coincided with the rose harvest.

The phenomenon only happens when our only natural satellite reaches its full phase lying opposite the Sun in ecliptic longitude.

In other words, just when the Moon and Sun are in perfect alignment.

The reddish or rose colour comes from the fact it rises above the horizon reflecting the colour of distant sun and light is refracted through much more atmosphere than usual.

As well as Amercian’s and Europeans having differing monikers, other names around the world include Flower Moon, Hot Moon, Hoe Moon, and Planting Moon. 

Buddhists call it Poson Poya, because of the Poson holiday in Sri Lanka. 

The day is celebrated to commemorate the foundation of Buddhism in 236 BCE.

Weather forecasts for Spain between 6pm and midnight tonight:
Algeciras – 18’c, partly cloudy, no rain
Malaga – 22’c, no clouds, no rain
Granada – 20’c, cloudless sky, no rain
Almeria – 23’c, cloudless sky, no rain
Murcia – 20’c, cloudless sky, no rain
Torrevieja – 22’c, cloudless sky, no rain
Valencia – 20’c, cloudless sky, no rain
Castellon – 20’c, cloudless sky, no rain
Tarragona – 19’c, cloudless sky, no rain
Barcelona – 21’c, partly cloudy, no rain

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