A STRONG whiff of cannabis led police to a basement marihuana plantation in Roquetas de Mar (Almeria).

Neighbours had their suspicions aroused after a series of power cuts and the distinctive smell of the drug and tipped off police.

The inhabitant of the duplex flat was arrested Sunday (July 4) after police uncovered the plantation in a raid that followed stakeouts to identify the exact flat.

The unnamed person, aged 40, has been charged with a crime against public health and electricity theft.

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Droga Intervenida. -Guardia Civil

During Operation ‘Juviplan’, police discovered 32 Cannabis Sativa plants and 331 grams of buds in the basement, which had been entirely converted into an indoor farm.

Police say that the quantity seized indicated that the drugs were being cultivated for distribution as well as for personal use.

While the use of marijuana on private property is legal in Spain, the sale of the drug is prohibited.

The plantation was very well equipped, police said, with it designed for maximum yield. 

The police also confirmed that the marijuana grower had tampered with the electrical power distribution of the building, in order to provide enough energy for the plantation.

The suspect has been handed over into the custody of the courts.


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