BARS and restaurants across Palma de Mallorca will reportedly face new coronavirus restrictions within the coming days.

It is understood that the capital’s Consell are currently discussing measures to enforce on the sector and chiefly, their terraces, after it was found that the current restrictions were being ‘abused’ by both business owners and the public.

According to local press, these could include limits on capacity and seating at tables, or in a more extreme move, reduced opening hours.

The new rules are expected to be revealed tomorrow.

It comes as the Balearic government has introduced new restrictions across the archipelago in their continued fight against COVID-19.

As well as a ban on the sale of alcohol in shops after 10pm, areas populated with British tourists in Ibiza and Mallorca will have to obey a range of special measures.

These include capacity limits on indoor and outdoor events as well as set closing hours for bars and restaurants.

Revealing the new restrictions earlier this week, tourism minister Iago Negueruela said that since the UK government had given the green light for travel to the region, there had been a noticeable arrival of British holidaymakers.

“We ask all tourists to act responsibly and especially young people since this is the age group where infections are rising the most,” said Negueruela.


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