A 63-year-old Spaniard is under investigation for threatening a pilot of a forest fire-fighting helicopter with a shotgun. 

The man threatened the pilot, who worked for Infocam (the forest fire fighting agency of Castilla-La Mancha), on July 18. Meanwhile, a fire was raging through the countryside of San Martin de Montalban (Toledo).

The forest fire was reported at around 15:00 on Sunday near the hermitage of Santa Maria de Melque. Then later, at 20:30, while agents were still battling the blaze, a call to the Guardia Civil reported that a person had threatened an Infocam agent with a firearm.

Infocam Fire
Image of the forest fire (July 18) – @Plan_INFOCAM

The helicopter pilot was collecting water from a nearby lake to help put out the fire. However, the owner of the land showed his dissatisfaction with the pilot, by pulling out a shotgun and pointing it at the pilot in the helicopter. 

The suspect was identified on Tuesday (July 20) by the Guardia Civil following an investigation in the area of the reported crime. The police confiscated the firearm and took a statement from the suspect. 

He was not arrested nor he does not have a criminal record.


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