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7 Tips in Investing in Cryptocurrency and Additional Ways to Earn Money

Maxim Hopman Fixlqxahcfk Unsplash

Maxim Hopman Fixlqxahcfk Unsplash

For gambling enthusiasts, online gambling is one of many ways to earn money and a fun way to enjoy. 

As in other countries, the online casino Canada operates by legislation, just like brick-and-mortar casinos. This new technology has significantly boosted the popularity of online gambling in Canada, making it far more convenient for the players. You can check out an online casino https://casinocanada.com/ for an ultimate gambling guide. 

Online gambling is a good source of cash, but there is another way to earn money that is better for your long-term financial well-being. 

Have you heard of cryptocurrencies? 

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency useful for buying things online, but that uses encryption techniques that secure the online transaction ledger. There is an almost continuous flood of new cryptocurrencies into the market. This is mainly due to speculative investors buying the new currency and causing the price to increase. 

Here are 7 tips if you plan on investing in crypto and want to make more money! 

1. Mining 

Mining crypto can be very costly because it requires a large personal computer. The majority of people who mine cryptocurrency spend much of their time, all day long, working hard to earn money. For their personal computers, they also use video cards, which are more costly in the market. 

A high-end computer is needed, but you have to consider your electricity bills because you will need to spend a lot of time mining. Even though it is expensive to maintain this setup, money in crypto mining is enormous. In mining cryptocurrency, you don’t have to put down any money to get it, which is favorable for some people. 

2. Active Trading 

Entering the crypto world is like attending classes. You have to learn the market and understand cryptocurrencies and trading charts, or else, it will be to your disadvantage.

If you choose crypto trading, then learn about how the market moves. One fact: the market moves and changes every second, so make sure to take care of your cryptocurrencies since their value changes in a blink! 

Lastly, if you want to make money in trading, know when to buy and sell. Timing is everything. 

3. HODL – Hold On for Dear Life 

It is an alternate spelling of “hold” misspelled. During periods of volatility, it is common for crypto-asset holders to hold onto their positions until the market price settles. The term “HODL” is a metaphor for remaining steadfast in the face of massive volatility or sudden profitability spikes. 

When you “HODL” crypto-assets that you own, this means that you are not going to sell your cryptocurrencies just because of the market changes. This is an encouragement to stay still and a strategy that will benefit you long-term. 

4. Publish Valuable and Unique Cryptocurrency Content 

Aside from earning from the cryptocurrencies you own, you can also produce content about it. Most people are interested in crypto and investing in it, so why not share your knowledge and earn from it simultaneously? 

Almost everything that is posted on the internet today is generating money. Suggestions are: Make YouTube videos, articles, or infographic art. Your content can become monetized if you work hard for it. 

5. Long-term Investing 

Long-term investing in crypto is also the same as applying the “HODL” strategy. This is a strong strategy that enables you to save and earn money in the long run. We are not only talking about months but years. 

Long-term investment in crypto is buying digital assets and waiting for their value to rise. Remember, Bitcoin took years before its value has increased. Be wise and let your money grow on its own! 

6. Staking

Many people are unaware that cryptocurrency staking gives you passive interest. You can earn anywhere from 0.5 percent to 40% or more by tying up your coins for some time. However, it still depends on the currency. 

Network stakers are required to fulfill certain obligations, and failure to comply may result in losing coins. Staking through an exchange or pool serves as your go-between and pays you the profits on your behalf. 

7. Earn from Microtasks 

A microtask is a short-term task, such as posting a comment on social media. A microtask website allows users to complete simple tasks and receive cryptocurrency as compensation quickly. 

In addition to the job-based tasks mentioned above, you can do numerous other things, such as editing, writing, taking transcription, uploading videos, and more. While microtasks are generally not rewarded generously, it can be helpful to pair them with other sources of income. 


There is money in cryptocurrency, and you just have to be interested enough in crypto to earn in different ways. 

This article was written by Kevin Cochran. 

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