13 Aug, 2021 @ 11:30
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Expat despairs at insurance company demanding receipts for 100 year old jewellery after robbery on Spain’s Costa Blanca


AN Expat has slammed his insurance company after it demanded receipts for stolen jewellery that had been in the family for 100 years.

Brian Snell, 83, woke up one February morning to find his Costa Blanca villa had been burgled and his late wife’s jewellery had been stolen along with cash.

Lead Brian Snell Family Crop
DISTRESSED: Mr Snell (top right) during happier times with late wife Barbara (front centre)

The thieves had wrenched away the security grills on the front street and brazenly ransacked the house while Snell slept.

Lead Brian Snell
NIGHTMARE: Mr Snell by the window used by robbers to gain entry

Wife Barbara, who died five years ago, had accumulated a wonderful collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets, some of which had been her grandmother’s.

“You can imagine how distressed I was when I woke up to find out what had been stolen and how it was stolen,” explained the former London Railway Foreman.

Brian said: “The Guardia were wonderful and so supportive, taking plenty of notes and pictures of everything – they even helped collate the information I needed for the insurance company.”

However, his claim was soon to become a nightmare.

Despite Snell providing pictures of every piece of missing jewellery, the Santander insurance assessors are still demanding receipts for the €5,000 claim, even though some items are over 100 years old.

The widower explained: “They’ve had all the information they’ve asked for from me and from the Guardia. Now, seven months on, they’re asking for things I just can’t provide.”

In despair, octogenarian Snell said, “It’s like I’m going through the robbery all over again.

“Barbara’s jewellery was so sentimental to both of us, you can’t put a cash value on it – I’d say it was priceless.”

So far, Santander has refused to comment to the Olive Press

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