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Learn about the 3 most successful Spanish ventures (2020-2021)

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Startup 3267505 1920

Undertake a new venture? If you are one of those who thinks that it is impossible to start your own business due to all the limitations that the pandemic presents, read on and we will tell you some ideas so that you can start making it possible. Get to know the three most successful Spanish startups and get inspired to create your own business model this year.

If it is about entrepreneurship, you may be thinking that you do not have capital, experience in sales, or do not even know what service to offer. You are probably already a professional, but you are tired of depending on a boss.

This and other reasons motivate the emergence of new small businesses that, according to the PA Digital, is the thinking of 36% of Spaniards of working age.

As if that were not enough, in 2020 Spain suffered the largest drop in GDP since the 1970s, collapsing by 18.5%. Which means that new ventures are viable alternatives to improve the personal economy due to the state of the economy.

But where to look when deciding how to undertake?

Successful ventures

Here are some ventures that would be successful if you start them today.

Dog Grooming

It is estimated that in Spain there are approximately 6.7 million dogs and that their owners pay up to a thousand euros a year for their canines. Which leaves the table served for those who can provide a service related to the aesthetics or health of the canines.

With proper training, you could start by offering bathing and cutting to individuals and then gradually expand your business model. Of course, to start this endeavor, you will surely incur some expenses but they are not that high compared to the profits that you can later obtain.

Home Laundry

Imagine the number of people who, due to their various occupations, do not even have time to go to the laundromat. It would be great for them if you went to their house, retrieved their clothes and then brought them back in the afternoon washed, dried and ready to use. Just by knowing the care that each type of clothing takes, you will have a very profitable business.


Last but not least, we mention the Food Truck or Mobile Food service. This simple, but effective method to start your food franchise has some advantages over the conventional restaurant model.

Mainly the investment is definitely lower, compared to what is required to set up a local restaurant. In addition, you can move to massive places (squares, parks, boulevards etc.) almost without any restriction.

Leverage system for ventures

Although some simple but relevant ideas have been presented to start an undertaking, logically every venture requires seed capital that serves as a motor to give movement to the idea and materialize it into something tangible and functional.

For this type of impulse, the following is usually chosen: an investor angel, which is the name given to people interested in investing their money and obtaining a profit on their investment. Or you can also choose to resort to public entrepreneurship funds or private financial entities that give private loans.

Final considerations

You have no excuses! Entrepreneurship no longer depends on the academic level, the resources, or the location of the entrepreneur for a long time.

Regardless of what studies you have done, if you need a microcredit or have your own capital. The reality is that you can open your business and start monetizing your ideas to be the next alternative that Spain needs to continue growing economically.

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