Monique New Age Beauty, which has been open in central Marbella for the past six months, specialises in Face and Body Treatments. 

Monique, the Swedish owner has certainly attained ‘expert’ status having trained at Axelsons, Stockholm, amongst other famous beauty schools since 2003 and also has managed a SPA in Malmö.

Monique offers personal and effective treatments wrapped in a calm relaxing ‘spa’ experience, at salon prices. 

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Monique Rittstam, swedish ower of Monique New Age Beauty, specialist in Face and Body treatmets

In the Clinic aesthetics merge with art, where treatment for both face and body will make you feel and look like an improved you.

She offers an extensive range of treatments, from Swedish massage, butt lifts, cellulite-fighting massages and lip plumping without needles to eyelash lifts, micro-needling and more. 

With unique products that blend the best of Spain and Sweden, she promises great results in a pleasurable process.

If you decide to try beauty’s favourite corner, Monique recommends the golden facials, butt lifts and cellulite fighting massages as the top three most popular treatments.

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By mixing ancient techniques and tools with modern ones, Monique is able to adapt the treatments to the personal needs of each client ensuring top results.

Monique highlights the butt lift as one of the most requested treatments with a duration of three months in less then a handful of sessions. 

Also the hour long Swedish massage will leave you fully relaxed and refreshed.

In the wax treatments there is an immense variety of scents, from Aloe Vera for the most sensitive to Champagne Rose for the most daring.

  • Bookings: 675 442 011
  • Social Media: Monique New Age Beauty

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