14 Oct, 2021 @ 10:37
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VIDEO: Watch rivers of lava carry huge boulders from Spain’s La Palma volcano as experts warn no sign of end to eruption

Eruption Du Volcan Cumbe Vieja Sur L Ile De La Palma Aux Canaries Espagne Le 03/10/2021 News : Eruption Du Volcan Cumb
Eruption du volcan Cumbe Vieja sur l ile de La Palma aux Canaries - Espagne le 10/10/2021 AlexisCourcoux/Panoramic PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFRAxITAxBEL

DRAMATIC footage captured by drone shows the red hot lava flows carrying huge boulders surging towards the sea on the island of La Palma.

The rivers of molten rock are flowing faster now, surging from the vents in the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge towards the sea and destroying everything in their path.

More than 640 hectares have been covered over in lava including large areas of banana plantations which are a mainstay of the island’s economy.

Close to 7,000 people have been evacuated since the eruption began more than three-and-a-half weeks ago on September 19 and more than 1,400 buildings have been destroyed.

Experts warned that there are no signs the eruption is close to ending.

“The volcano’s activity is not stopping and it doesn’t seem that we can expect to observe a reduction in the coming days,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Wednesday, during his fourth visit to the island since the eruption.

“The levels of sulphur dioxide don’t currently lead us to think the end of the eruption will be in the short or medium term,” confirmed Maria Jose Blanco, from the Canaries’ volcanologist group Pevolca.


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