AN invasion of deer in the Cala de Pi area in the south of Mallorca is causing concern to local residents.

The animals have already caused havoc in the area of Llucmajor and Montuiri, on one occasion even causing a traffic accident. 

Authorities have called on the public to help eliminate the animals and the threat they cause to the countryside.

“Deer are considered to be alien species on the island that bring risks to the population including possible traffic accidents. 

“They are also very harmful to local agriculture as they can cause considerable damage both to stone walls and to crops. 

Ultima Hora reporting on the news via Twitter

“With the presence of bluetongue disease on the island, they could also be carriers of diseases that can be transferred to livestock species”, the government’s environmental department COFID said.

People have been asked to report sightings of the animals to COFID at the number 665 01 29 40. 

“We see signs that indicate their presence, be it droppings or some damage to crops, but it is very difficult to see the animals themselves,” said one local hunter quoted in Ultima Hora.


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