AN Iberian sword considered to be of great historical value was discovered among looted archaeological treasures offered for sale online.

The sword which has a bird’s head hilt is thought to date from between the third and second century BC and was likely plundered from an ancient grave where it was buried with the warrior who owned it more than two thousand years ago.

Spain’s Policia Nacional tracked down the seller who had a stash of more than 200 artifacts pilfered from archaeological sites in Spain.

Falcata Iberica
The Iberian falcata and the other 202 artifacts

They arrested the seller, a man from a town in Jaen province in Andalucia, who is now facing charges for theft and offences against national heritage.

Described as an ‘Iberian falcata’, police said it had ‘possible remains of silver on the blade, and is in a very good state of preservation’

“The fact that the piece has not been used since the owner’s death – the weapon is buried with the warrior when he dies so that no one can use it – increases its value due to the rarity of finding pieces in this state,” police said in a statement.


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