THE Policia Nacional have closed down an Alicante drugs ‘supermarket’ that welcomed clients at any time of the day or night.

Five Spaniards, three men and two women, aged between 19 and 69 years have been arrested.

Police said a ‘well-known’ group in the north of the city ran the round-the-clock outlet.

Small quantities of narcotics like marijuana and cocaine were instantly available for customers.

The gang used a block of repossessed or empty flats owned by banks and investment fund companies for their drugs operation.

Narcotics were stored on different floors with some flats housing marijuana farms.

Special security doors were installed at the illegally-occupied homes in addition to a reinforced door at the supermarket.

The flats were specially chosen to give the best outside views to detect any police presence with ease.

Four addresses were raided by the Policia Nacional who took away drugs that had already been packaged up for sale.

Three cars, including two-high end vehicles, were seized, which police presume were paid for by profits made by the drug dealers.


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