AN Elche company has produced a test kit to identify the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

Genetic PCR Solutions was one of the first laboratories in the world to produce a simple test for coronavirus in January 2020, which included validation from Public Health England.

One of the big advantages of the company’s Omicron test is that its much faster than others, which have taken up to three days to produce a result.

The time saving is down to a lower sequencing of genomes.

Genetic PCR director, Dr. Antonio Martinez-Murcia said: “We’ve created something that allows Omicron to be detected while we analyse the results of the conventional PCR test at the same time.”

The new kit was launched on Friday and the lab say they are already getting many requests for more details and have already taken some orders.



  1. Wait a moment! The omicron variant of the man-made virus originated in South Africa. Now, it is impossible to travel anywhere in the world today unless you’re double vaxxed… so, who’s transmitting the new variant? The vaxxed must be banned from traveling immediately!

    Location : Spain

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