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Reasons to Use Desktop Ticker For Your Business

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The ticker tape on the desktop can increase the reach of the audience and attract new customers. What do you think of this fact? It’s not our imagination, it’s a working mechanism of advertising and marketing promotion. In our article, you’ll learn all the advantages of the desktop ticker tape, how and where to use it. So, to find out all the information you need, read the article to the end. Let’s go!

Desktop Ticker Tape: Definition

The ticker tape has long been used for advertising purposes. Previously, electronic boards of various shapes and sizes were used on the facades of houses, so that a potential buyer would pay attention, but now they are embedded in websites. It is understandable, most people in the 21st century buy everything online, so people started to use ticker tape on desktops.

In the first and the second case, they display textual information, which can be both promotional and informative.

The term ticker itself means a small strip of text, which is located at the bottom or top of the screen and broadcasts information. A ticker carries important and useful information, clicking on which (using a hyperlink) will take you to another tab with additional details. Such a function is now used by large corporations for their employees to inform them about all the news without distracting them from their work.

Options for Using a Ticker

News ticker software is one of the best ways to share news between employees and an easy method of internal communications.

The ticker can be used in a variety of working moments, namely:

  1. To share the most current news of the company and the sphere as a whole.
  2. To inform your employees about media releases of your company.
  3. Send urgent notifications about system failures and malfunctions.
  4. Send out notifications, important messages, and alerts.
  5. Make onboarding information for newcomers to your company.
  6. Send important invitations and reminders to your employees.
  7. Create targeting alerts for different departments.

Why Do You Need Such a Ticker Tape on Your Employees’ Desktops? 

This is a way to get the attention of your employees without distracting them from their work. The ticker tape is a must for a company that cares about its employees and tries to inform them about all company news. Such a ticker can be fully customizable to your needs. You can choose the text, insert the link, and set the date and time when you want the information to be displayed on the screens of your employees. Let’s say you can broadcast a greeting on your employee’s birthday. Or notify your employees about weekends and holidays. You can also target a message for example if you want to notify the finance department about salary arrears, but you don’t want the whole staff to see it. Essentially, using a news ticker software, you’ll be able to individually send news to your departments, groups, and specific people.

Main advantages:

– no distractions,

– helps you spread the information quickly;

– ensures that 100% of your employees read the information;

– it doesn’t take a lot of space, but it is very functional and informative;

– serves as advertising for your additional services (for example, a company blog, a new video, and so on).

Where Can You Order Such a Ticker?

Many developers on the Internet can help you create and customize the ticker tape for desktops. Companies offer different packages of services for different prices, but you can choose the one that suits you.


After reading our article, you probably already understood all the benefits for companies to acquire desktop ticker tapes. This will help optimize your work, speed up the dissemination of information, and increase the engagement of your employees in company news.

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