HEALTH authorities in Catalunya have resorted to dating app Tinder in a bid to encourage unvaccinated young people to make a date with the vaccine.

The regional health department has created an advertisement that resembles a profile encouraging those who haven’t yet been jabbed to ‘swipe right’.

The slogan of the campaign is ‘If we haven’t met yet, ask me on a date’.

It directs people to the to book an appointment.

Vacuna T1
Image: Health authorities of Catalunya

The messages are targeted at the 20-49 age group which

have been identified as the age group that is least likely to have been vaccinated.

According to figures published by the Health Ministry, around 15% of those in their 40s haven’t been vaccinated rising to 20% of those in their 20s and those aged between 35 to 39. Some 25% of those in their early 30s have yet to get a jab.

Image: Health authorities of Catalunya

Across Spain, more than 90% of the population aged of 12 have now received their initial full dose of the vaccine while 83% of the population of those who are eligible to receive their booster have already had it. This is currently open to anyone over the age of 40.

Unveiling the Tinder campaign, Carmen Cabezas from the Catalan health department reminded the public that the unvaccinated are 4.6 times more like to end up as intensive care patients.


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