TENERIFE has decided to postpone its famous carnivals until June. 

The festivities, previously scheduled for February, have had to be postponed due to an increase in the number of COVID infections on the island.

Municipal sources indicated a possible date between June 4 and June 26. 

This will have a format of contests and galas that will take place outdoors rather than indoors, but for now, parades and street parties are not being considered.

Tenerife’s Carnivals in 2014 (Image: Flickr)

The June event will coincide with the Cadiz carnivals, which have also been postponed due to COVID.

The Tenerife and Cadiz carnivals are the most famous in Spain and attract wall-to-wall television coverage every year.

The Cadiz carnival is said to have its origins in the 15th century when Genoese traders settled in the area. It is characterised by bands of musicians singing often satirical songs lampooning politicians and well known figures.

Internationally, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife festivities are second only to those held in Rio de Janeiro and attract thousands of tourists every year.


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