A 35-year-old woman has given birth to quadruplets in Elche with the delivery lasting just five minutes.

The two boys and two girls weighed in at less than two kilos each last Saturday evening.

New mum, Zineb Moubarak from Crevillente, received regular treatment at Elche General Hospital to ensure her pregnancy carried on as long as possible to give her babies the best chance of survival.

Eight months in, Zineb and her husband Tarik, made their life-changing hospital visit last weekend.

The babies named as Amin, Karim, Lina, and Sofia were delivered by caesarean section on Saturday between 9.10 pm and 9.15 pm.

Sofia was the lightest, weighing in at just 1.18 kilos with Karim the heavyweight at 1.77 kilos.

Doctors say the newborns are doing well in the neonatal ICU which looks after multiple and premature births from mothers across the Elche, Orihuela, and Torrevieja health areas.

Last year, they supervised the births of 40 twins and a set of triplets.


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