IT might be dubbed the most expensive home in Gibraltar, but you better hurry if you want to buy it – at £6,700,000 it is a bit of a bargain!

Gib 5
Image: Century 21

That is if you compare it to the previous holder of the ‘most valuable’ title on the Rock – a villa in Buena Vista Park has recently been sold, marketed at an an eye-watering £12,000,000.

Gib 4
Image: Century 21

The picture property is in the South District and has plenty of room to enjoy. In fact its internal area measures 640m2  with another 440m2 of external areas and is on sale through real estate website Century 21.

Gib 3
Image: Century 21

The luxury detached house is distributed over four floors located on Engineer Road and has four spacious bedrooms, including the master bedroom – which includes a mini gym and a mini lounge as well as acres of space for the bedroom furniture. 

Gib 2
Image: Century 21

It also boasts stunning views across the sea to Africa and over the Straits of Gibraltar’.


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