By Niamh Ryan

WITH electricity prices rising by more than 40% in Spain over the last year alone, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE), it is no wonder that people are desperately looking for an alternative solution for their energy requirements.

Finding a way to claw back the precious euros, currently being sucked out of our bank accounts at an alarming rate by the main Spanish energy companies, has become an urgent mission- and Solar Works has the answer.

Solar Works
Alicante-based Solar Works (

The Alicante-based company with more than 15 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of solar panels, are the experts in helping homeowners make the transition from erratically-priced mainstream electricity to a low-cost photovoltaic solar panel system.

Their professional, focused customer service approach and their tailored solutions to each individual client and their energy needs, makes them an excellent choice for both domestic and commercial premises.

Their quality solar panels, combined with their expert installation team, also ensure that the transition to clean, inexpensive, renewable solar energy is easy-as-pie and stress free.

Solarworks 3
One of Solar Works’s solar panels (

The benefits to clients in installing  Solar Works solar panels in the home are many and clear to see.

Clients will obviously see a massive saving in their monthly electricity bill, as well as other great benefits, such as, independence from the main electrical network, as well as the fact that solar energy is environmentally-friendly.

The availability of a range of very attractive grants and subsidies (40% deduction on  personal income tax and 20% on second homes among several others) to homeowners and businesses interested in changing to an inexpensive, renewable energy source and investing in solar panels, is also a reason to consider a brighter future with Solar Works.

For more information on Solar Works, and the wide range of products and services it offers, take a look at their website,, email them at: or speak to one of their solar panel experts on: +34 965 085 888.

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