CEMENT usage in Spain increased by 11% in 2021, to a level not seen in a decade as construction boomed.

The recovery of the construction sector, which stalled during the coronavirus pandemic, is further expected to grow by an estimated 5% by the end of 2022, experts predicted.

This would take cement consumption to 15.6 million tonnes, according to data issued by the employers’ association Oficemen.

However, cement use in the current construction boom  is still below the 2011 level when it exceeded 20 million tonnes a year and far below the 60million tonnes used in 2008 before the bubble burst.

“Public building projects are mainly responsible for this increase, accounting for half of the consumption, followed by housing, which accounted for 32%” said Oficemen’s president, Jose Manuel Cascajero at a press conference.

However the sector has been hit by the surge in energy prices which drive up production costs and slow plant activity.


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