A serial burglar targeting Murcia City homes has been hit with 70 robbery charges.

The Policia Nacional have also thrown in three fraud charges against the man, 42.

He used stolen bank and credit cards for ATM withdrawals and online purchases.

The burglar struck 70 times between August and October 2021 using the same method each time.

The nimble Spaniard used the so-called ‘ladder method’ to gain access, as he climbed up facades to break into buildings through terrace windows and doors.

Police built up an extensive dossier on the man’s activities and the way each robbery was committed.

He became their prime suspect after previous arrests for the same crime.

The Policia Nacional noted that when he was previously in custody, complaints about robberies committed by the ‘ladder method’ plummeted.

It’s not unknown whether the robber has been bailed yet again by a Murcia court.


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