AT least a dozen children have been expelled by a Valencia Province secondary school after a homophobic mob attack on a teacher.

The expulsions have been reported by the regional A Punt broadcaster and the EFE news agency.

The Valencian Ministry of Education has refused to comment citing ‘data protection’ issues involving ‘underage’ students.

The incident happened on February 17 at Betera’s Les Alfabegues college.

Reports suggest that several dozen students attacked the male teacher by pulling his hair and throwing sandwiches and snacks at him.

One report referred to over 100 children being involved.

Derogatory comments were hurled at him concerning his sexuality with the incident being reported to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Further expulsions and sanctions are being considered according to media reports.

The catalyst for the violence was a couple of students walking onto the playground on February 16 with the Rainbow ‘Gay’ flag.

Two other pupils joined in, but the school asked them to stop the impromptu action, which they duly did.

The next day, some other youngsters brought in Spanish flags and wanted to stage their own ceremony on the playground.

Like in the previous instance, they were asked to stop- this time by the male teacher who then became the victim of a mob attack.


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