A woman worked for just a week in a Costa Blanca nursing home and stole jewellery from three residents.

Five items made from gold ended up in pawn shops in Benidorm and Granada, earning €1,000 for the 25-year-old carer.

All of the jewellery was recovered by the Guardia Civil who have charged the Spanish carer with theft.

Nursing home managers in Villajoyosa called in the Guardia after a resident, 90, reported the disappearance of two gold rings.

The carer had given the victim a hand massage the previous day and had slipped the items into some gloves.

Her pilfering extended to two other people and she quit her job after just a week before ending up in Madrid.

She was tracked down and summonsed to the Guardia Civil in Villajoyosa.

The woman offered a series of excuses over being unable to return to Alicante Province, but was fine with making a 400 kilometre journey to a Granada police station.

Accompanied by a solicitor, she appeared in Granada on February 10 and produced the two rings taken from the 90-year.-old.

She said the rings had ‘accidentally fallen into her pocket’.

The thief then owned up to stealing the other items which the Guardia recovered from two gold stores and returned to their rightful owners.


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