WEST Ham fans were involved in clashes with Eintracht Frankfurt supporters on Wednesday night ahead of their Europa League game against Sevilla.

Frankfurt fans were in the city for their team’s Europa league tie against Real Betis. 

Videos circulating online appear to show Frankfurt fans accosting West Ham supporters outside a bar in the Paseo de Cristobal Colon on the city’s riverbank, before both groups began throwing missiles at one another. 

Some 10,000 West Ham fans are thought to have made the trip to Spain for the match, which kicks off on Thursday, despite there only being ticket allocation of 3,000.Police said they arrested one Frankfurt fan following the incident. 

A witness said: “It looked like the West Ham fans retaliated by throwing bottles themselves before the police turned up and managed to disperse the fans. There’s lots of glass left over on the street from the night before.”


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