A MALLORCA woman survived carbon monoxide poisoning that killed her husband because she was wearing a special device designed to stop her snoring.

The 45-year-old woman was discovered close to death beside the body of her dead husband in their bed at a rural property in Sant Joan in the centre of the island on Tuesday afternoon.

The couple’s son raised the alarm after he dropped by the house because they weren’t answering their phones. 

palma de mallorca
Mallorca woman saved from deadly gas leak thanks to ‘sleep apnea’ mask

Investigators from the local fire station believe she was saved from breathing in the poisoning gas, which was released by a faulty fridge pipe,because of a mask she was wearing to prevent sleep apnea.

Unfortunately her 58-year-old husband had no such protection and had been dead for several hours by the time the alarm was raised.

The woman was transferred to Manacor hospital where she is said to be in a ‘serious condition’


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