THIRTY Ukrainian children with cancer are in transit to Spain to continue treatment following shelling of hospitals by invading Russian forces.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez described Russia’s targeting of hospitals in Ukraine as a ‘clear violation of human rights’.

The children are due to arrive with their families at Torrejon air base in Madrid on Friday afternoon where they will be met by Spain’s Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles.

Details of the children are being kept secret to protect their safety and privacy.

Spain and its EU partners have urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Russia for war crimes relating to their use of cluster munitions in Ukraine and Russia’s targeting of civilian areas.

Evacuation Cc
Ukrainians being evacuated in Kyiv following shelling.
Photo: Cordon press.

Sanchez said: “We all agree that Putin, with what he is doing, is provoking a war against democracy, against the values represented by democracy, the way of living and understanding society, living in freedom, with rights, and not living under an authoritarian regime such as the one he represents in Russia. In this sense we can say that the fight of the Ukrainian people today is Spain and Europe’s fight as well.”


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