IT is yet another heartwarming example of ordinary people being moved to do something to help those fleeing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A teacher from Estepona is offering free Spanish lessons to new arrivals from Ukraine at her language academy on the Costa del Sol.

Marilo Carrillo who has been teaching Spanish for more than 40 years will be offering free lessons to those newly arrived from the Ukraine with classes of up 15 people at a time.

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Teacher offers Ukrainian refugees free Spanish lessons at academy in Estepona on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Image from Facebook Academia pergamino

Carrillo is starting the classes on the next 24th of March in the language academy Pergamino located in the center of Estepona.

And for those Ukrainians who cannot attend in person because they are not based in Estepona, she is offering them access to classes online.

She has teamed up with a local Ukrainian woman who speaks really good Spanish to assist in the classes to make it easier for those with no Spanish at all.

“I want to make things easy and transmit a lot of love to them,” Carillo said in an interview with Spanish newspaper Malagahoy.

The teacher explained that she has previously collaborated with NGOs to help political refugees from different parts of the world.

She has already been in touch with several Ukrainian families on the Costa del Sol to offer her services as a Spanish teacher.

“They arrive really affected emotionally because they land in a completely new country, with the horror of war, to which they have not come for pleasure and have had to flee leaving husbands, their families or their homes. These are very hard stories,” she said.


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