TORREVIEJA TURKEYS have caused such a nuisance with residents that the town hall has been forced to take action.

Numerous complaints from people living in and around the Parque de la Naciones (Park of Nations) area have been received regarding poultry roaming the streets.

Included are reports of birds wandering into traffic,  ‘noise, and fouling on paths’.

Alarmingly, some of the turkeys wander onto the N-332, causing potential chaos to thousands of motorists every day.

A specialised company has now been hired to humanely remove the birds from the neighbourhood.

Also plaguing the streets around Acequion Health Centre, it is said the roosters will be taken to various farms for a new safe life.

In order to catch the birds first, they are fed regularly by staff, so that they become familiar with humans.

Various systems are later used to catch and collect the birds before being taken to rural areas.

In addition, the company will use similar methods to reduce the population of turtle doves and pigeons in the Vega Baja town.

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