FAMILIES in 16 flats in Spain’s Almeria had to be evacuated on Monday morning after part of the roof of the building collapsed.

Investigations are under way to establish why part of the property in Calle Ferrocarril crumbled.

Emergency services were called first thing in the morning and instructed families in the five-storey building at number 15 to leave.

No-one was hurt, although it remains unclear when residents will be allowed to return.

The street was closed off causing significant traffic disruption in the El Tagarete area. Diversions will remain until the safety of the neighbourhood can be assured, the City Council of Almeria said.

Confirming that a section of the roof had collapsed, a spokesperson said technicians from the Management of Town had identified ‘great damage’ in the structure of the property and said there would be ‘obvious danger’ in allowing the residents to return too soon. 

The Family, Equality and Citizen Participation Group are assisting families with possible temporary relocation. 


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