UKRAINE President Volodymyr Zelensky will address Spain’s Congress of Deputies via a video link next week.

The president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, sent an invitation to the Ukraine embassy in Madrid for the country’s leader to speak to Spain’s parliamentarians.

The address will take place this Tuesday(April 5) at 4.00 pm.

It will be the latest in a series of video speeches made by Zelensky to boost support for his country in countering the invasion by Russia.

The Ukraine President has already addressed the US Congress and the European Parliament in addition to individual bodies, in the UK, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, and Canada.

Meritxell Batet said: “The Ukrainian government has asked that the format will see me make a brief introduction before President Zelensky speaks.”

“He will say a few words to us before Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, makes some remarks, and then I will close the session which will have a maximum duration of 30 minutes,” she added.

Tribute To Joaquin Sabina And Presentation Of His Legacy In Madrid, Spain 05 Oct 2021
MERITXELL BATET(Cordon Press image)

Spain has been an active partner of NATO in sending resources to countries adjoining Ukraine.

Over 20,000 Ukrainian refugees have come to Spain since Russia’s invasion in late February.

Groups across Spain have raised money to buy essential items that have been taken by road or flown to countries like Poland to help refugees or people that still live in Ukraine.


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