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Sun, nature and healing: What makes Spain one of the top 10 retirement choices

retirement elderly couple beach James Hose Unsplash
retirement elderly couple beach James Hose Unsplash

WE are convinced that Spain is the most popular country for Europeans seeking a home overseas. Beaches, mountains, fabulous cities, colourful festivals, culture and sunshine are almost every place all year round. 

The benefits of sun exposure derived from this connection with nature are varied and include improved circadian rhythm and rest. Better concentration at work, better cognitive performance and less effort in reading processes, since natural light increases visual capacity; Increases productivity, reducing chronic fatigue. It acts as a natural antidepressant, favouring general well-being.

In Spain there are many different options to improve your health, cure ongoing ailments and have fun in the process. Some of these options originate from ancient medical practices and others are more modern initiatives.

Here are some recommendations:


The mud that can be found in many coastal areas of Spain is known for its therapeutic, antioxidant and anti-infammatory properties. It is believed to promote collagen production, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, relieve muscle tension and improve skin tone.

Woman Giving Herself A Mud Bath
TRADITION: Open air mud baths attract thousands. Photo: Adobe Stock

Cadiz, Bolonia Beach. A virgin beach made up of a spectacular system of dunes, kilometres of ?ne sand and a section of rocks where mud baths have been formed, a mud rich in mineral salts, magnesium, copper, zinc and silicon that contributes to the elimination of toxins, reduction of excess fat in the skin, improves circulation and increases the production of collagen in a natural way. The mud is only accessible at low tide, when you can walk along the shore to reach the rocks.

Las Charcas de Lo Pagan (Murcia) has the most famous mud baths in Spain. The type of mud that can be found here attracts thousands of visitors every year for its healing properties that help to alleviate some skin problems such as psoriasis, joint and muscle pain and has exfoliating effects leaving the skin soft. It is located in the Regional Park of San Pedro del Pinatar and is completely free of charge.


The shirin-yoku or ‘forest baths’ is a technique originated in Japan. As we mentioned at the beginning, contact with nature is a very effective therapy to reduce stress levels.

River Bathing Pixabay
Take a dip in the forest. Photo: Pixabay.

In Spain there are numerous places where you can enjoy this experience: the Natural Reserve of Muniellos, in Asturias, the Faedo de Ciñera, in León, or the Herrería forest, in Madrid. Healing power of forests in exceptional ecosystems.


From deep below the surface, mineral-rich thermal waters travel to the surface in the form of hundreds of natural thermal water pools all over Spain.

These natural pools relieve ailments such as rheumatism and gastrointestinal problems, as well as accelerating the body’s metabolism, relieving muscle tension, stress, eliminating toxins and treating skin conditions.

Ourense is considered the thermal capital of Spain. It has many thermal pools along the Miño River. Some are private but many are open to the public. Pozas Muiño de Veiga is a free open-air hot spring with temperatures of 65-70 °C. Set in stunning scenery, the water in these pools is said to help cure some skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

The springs of Pozas de Outariz and Burgas de Canedo are freely accessible to the public. Both parts have a cold water pool and three 60 °C hot water pools.

Thermal Spring Bathing Pixabay
Thermal springs are said to help skin conditions. Photo: Pixabay.

The healing properties of the waters of Fuente O Tinteiro also located in Ourense have been recognised for many years. The waters flow at a temperature of 43 °C and are said to erase scars, treat oral conditions and acne, atopic eczema and varicose ulcers.

In Granada you will find the thermal baths Las Pozas Termales de Santa Fe. With natural temperatures between 38 and 43°C, the pools are in a unique location surrounded by olive and pine groves. These sulphate waters are rich in minerals and have medicinal properties that help with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism and dermatological conditions.

Also in the province of Granada is the Zújar spa. With free admission, it is located in an impressive setting between the Jabalcón mountain and the Negratín reservoir. The thermal waters that nourish this spa emanate from Jabalcón Mountain and can reach up to 40ºC. The water is bright turquoise in colour and is a mixture of therapeutic sulphates and minerals. Below lie the remains of an ancient Roman spa.

The thermal baths of Alhama are some of the oldest in Andalucia, dating back to the Nasrid period in Granada. These thermal pools played an important role in Moorish culture with the remains of the ancient spa still visible with the iconic domes in the spa located near the free pools. The water flows at a temperature of 40°C, and many of Granada’s residents ?ock here daily to take advantage of its medicinal properties.

Those are just some samples of healing options from many other places you may find all over the country. You may consider to experience the Spanish lifestyle for longer periods of time, either spending your holidays in different regions, or considering to retire there by renting or purchasing a property to spend some time, or even becoming a resident in Spain.

If you plan so, we at Del Canto Chambers can offer you extensive advice and guidance by analysing better residency options, offering clear knowledge on tax planning, either in Spain and in the UK, and supporting you in all the legalities required when purchasing a property.

To make a no-obligation enquiry, please either call us now on: +44 2070 430648 or Make An Online Enquiry.


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