A PILOT scheme aimed at offering specialist support to improve the quality of life for the elderly has been launched across the city of Valencia.

Dubbed ValueCare, the initiative involves 35 doctors across seven health centres within the region with the aim of ‘providing a comprehensive, joint and coordinated response to improve the quality of life of elderly people living with cognitive impairment, frailty and/or multiple chronic diseases.’

The initial project, which is financed by the H2020 program of the Europe Commission, will provide personalised care for 120 patients.

The medical teams will use information gathered in a questionnaire to evaluate physical activity, nutrition, social prescription and adherence to medication.

Participants will receive personalised plans on nutrition, exercises or healthy habits via an App supported by a health professional.

And for all those who may be affected by the digital divide, ValueCare also includes group training and education sessions.

The Councilor for Innovation of the City of Valencia, Carlos Galiana, explained that ‘if we want to achieve a healthier Valencia we have to promote active and healthy aging policies’.

People interested in participating in the Valencia pilot can be informed by calling 667048253 or by sending an email to valuecare@lasnaves.com


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