SPAIN finally lifted the compulsory use of face masks in all indoor spaces on April 20, 700 days after the rule was brought in during the height of the pandemic.

But while the general rule has been lifted there are still some zones where it is compulsory, such as hospitals and public transport and others were companies can decide the rules.

Supermarkets are one such place where not everyone will be going mask free.

Although customers are no longer required by law to wear a face  mask, some supermarkets have determined that staff should keep them on for the time being.

While Mercadona leaves it up to individual staff to decide whether to wear one or not, Consum insists that all of its store workers must continue to wear them ‘as they are in direct and continuous contact with food and customers’.

The same decision has been taken by Carrefour, which is also keeping screens at customer service points and hygiene gel dispensers at the door.

El Corte Ingles is also keeping masks but only for employees who work directly with food and drink.

In addition, masks must be worn by those who are unable to keep a safe distance for long periods of time, such as make-up artists.

However, for customers, mask wearing is no longer compulsory indoors although Spain’s  Health Ministry advises ‘responsible use’ in these places.

Face masks remain compulsory on public transport and at hospitals and health centres.

Other indoor venues will be able to leave it to the discretion of individual responsibility to maintain the use of masks or not. Hospitality establishments, restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs will allow customers to decide whether to wear the mask, always taking into account possible symptoms of the virus that they may present.


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