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Covid-denier doctor suspended and fined in Spain’s Balearic Islands

A Covid-denier doctor has been suspended for six years and fined €16,660 for staging protests insisting that the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t real. Angel Ruiz-Valdepeñas, 55,...

Police arrest man in Spain who coughed on work colleagues and infected 22 people with coronavirus

A SPANIARD who ignored COVID-19 symptoms and coughed on work colleagues has been charged with intentionally causing injury after allegedly infecting 22 people. Police on...

Masks now mandatory on beaches and at swimming pools throughout Spain

A NEW law establishes stricter face mask rules in Spain, making coverings mandatory in all public spaces regardless of distance. The Government of Spain, led...

EXPLAINED: Will students have to wear masks for the entire school day in Spain’s Andalucia?

Experts warn that ‘children cannot be expected to wear masks of any kind for the duration of a school day' and that 'at some point, the mask has to come off'

President of Spain’s Valencia region slammed for ‘breaking COVID-19 rules’ as he poses for pic while not wearing mask...

Opposition party member Jose Antonio Rovira demanded that Puig pay a fine for not wearing the personal protective gear, accusing him of 'not even complying with his own regulations'

MASK ROW: Gig on Spain’s Costa del Sol axed as Spanish reggaeton singer ‘refuses’ to cover face while donating...

A SPANISH reggaeton star has seen his gig cancelled because he failed to wear a face mask at a food bank. Omar Montes, 32, had...

British holidaymakers visiting Mar Menor tourist area of Spain may have to wear masks most of the time

BRITISH tourists planning to visit the Mar Menor holiday area of Murcia this summer may be forced to wear masks for most of the...

WATCH: Rail passenger thrown down stairs at Spanish train station after refusing to wear mask

A COMMUTER has been thrown down a set of stairs at a Spanish train station for not wearing a mask. Brutal footage shows rail staff...

EXCLUSIVE: With coronavirus fear taking a grip, the Olive Press exposes a Spanish firm cashing in on people’s fear...

A COMPANY in Madrid is conning nervous people and cashing in on the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the globe.





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