A COMPANY in Madrid is conning nervous people and cashing in on the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the globe.

Ecomerzpro is charging a staggering €49.95 for a face mask, which can be found online – on sites such as aliexpress.com – for €3.40 (per pair).

The Spanish company which also distributes across the globe is audacious enough to label the masks ‘discounted’ from an original price of €99.90.

They’ve named this product SafeMask and claim it’s ‘the best protection against viruses,’ taking advantage of desperate people.

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SCAM: Extortionate prices cheating vulnerable people

To make matters worse, the name SafeMask has already been trademarked by Canadian company Medicom – stealing intellectual property.

This week, the Olive Press found another company, Origo International, based in South Africa, selling the same FFP2 quality masks – with all the relative certificates – for just €2.94.

The company’s spokesperson, Nicholas Tsaperas told the Olive Press: “We’re sitting on 60,000 units here and just want to help in any way that we can.

“We know there’s a shortage in Europe but we’re selling them at normal prices, not inflated,.

“We are not looking to make a profit at the expense of desperate people.”

Ecomerzpro, which trades in other items apart from face masks as well, is not known for its trustworthiness and good quality service. 

Screen Shot 2020 03 22 At 11 00 18
ORIGINAL: Medicom with their trademarked name for SafeMask

It has an abysmal rating of 1.5 stars on Google reviews, 1.2 stars on Trustpilot and 1.3 stars on Facebook.

A spokesperson for Ecomerzpro said: “We are aware that there are similar products that are imitations at a lower price, but these products do not offer quality, warranty, customer service, or repair and replacement service.

“This product is patented and we are the only ones authorised for marketing.”

They also claim that the name SafeMask is rightfully theirs and they have always acted under the law.

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