A SPANIARD who ignored COVID-19 symptoms and coughed on work colleagues has been charged with intentionally causing injury after allegedly infecting 22 people.

Police on Mallorca charged the 40 year-old man whose name has not been publicly released after he was blamed for a coronavirus outbreak that swept through his workplace.

The man reportedly showed symptoms of Covid-19 included a fever of 40ºC but refused suggestions to go home and self isolate., according to a statement released by police on the Balearic Island.

His bosses insisted he take a PCR test and wait at home for results but instead he went to the gym then returned to the office, walked around with his face mask lowered and coughed near people saying:  “I’m going to give you all the coronavirus”.

When the PCR test came back positive later that day, his colleagues were also tested and five were found to be positive. Three people also tested positive after being in contact with the man at the gym. 

In turn those people infected by him went on to infect members of their families, including three infants, although none serious enough to require hospitalization.

Police arrested the man and he was charged on Saturday before being released pending trial.


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