TWO cousins died in a double drowning tragedy in waters off Calpe’s Penon de Ifach on Sunday.

An 18-year-old man dived some two metres into the sea from a heliport at the landmark.

Strong currents swept him out to sea and several fellow bathers leapt in to try to save him.

They included his cousin 24, who drowned as well due to the currents.

Two rescue helicopters were scrambled along with an array of patrol boats to find the men.

Rescue Boat
ONE OF THE PATROL BOATS(Guardia Civil image)

The body of the 18-year-old was discovered at 10.20 pm on Sunday and that of his cousin shortly after 11.00 am on Monday.

The men, both Columbian nationals, were named as Pedro and Sebastian Ochoa.

Social Meda Tribute

Pedro and Sebastian were members of ‘well-known’ Calpe families who are involved in a seniors football club.


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