POLICE broke into a Sueca home to rescue a semi-conscious woman who filed a sex assault claim against her landlord, who then tried to kill her for revenge.

She was locked in a room with a butano gas cylinder switched on, but managed to make an emergency call shouting, ‘Butano, a lot of butano’.

Fire fighters and Guardia Civil officers accessed the property through an outside window.

The woman suffered only minor injuries.

The Guardia Civil have arrested her landlord over sex abuse charges and attempted homicide.

The woman rented a room in the man’s Sueca home, where she also lived with her seven-year-old daughter.

The victim, 54, was raped for several months.

She endured the abuse because she was worried about finding somewhere else to live and because her daughter had settled into her school.

She eventually reported the abuse after discovering that her child had also been assaulted by the landlord.

He discovered on Wednesday that she had denounced him.

He responded by beating her up and then threw her into a room with the gas cylinder turned on.


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