DOMESTIC violence perpetrated by young people is on the rise in Andalucia.

The High Court of Justice of Andalucia (TSJA) has warned of ‘considerable growth’ in cases of gender and domestic violence entering the Andalucian juvenile courts.

Some 12% of cases seen by the region’s juvenile courts in 2021 were regarding gender and domestic violence, predominantly the latter.

The majority of the 4,727 teenagers tried for these crimes last year were aged 16 and 17.

Statistics have shown an upward trend each year since 2016 in the number of young people involved in domestic violence, with the exception of 2020, though this lapse is being attributed to the pandemic.

The President of the TSJA, Lorenzo del Rio, said: “We must be very alert to the persistence of a bad attitude towards this type of violence in young people, when they should be thinking about equality, respect and freedom.”

In 2021 the TSJA saw 11% more young people referred to it for general crimes compared to the previous year.


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