SIT back and relax. The definitive book on the complicated Madeleine McCann case is now available as an audiobook.

My Search for Madeleine by Olive Press editor Jon Clarke is being released this week to tie in with the 15th anniversary of her abduction in Portugal in 2007.

Whether you are a frequent traveller or busy housewife/husband, all 11 hours, 14 minutes of the 46-chapter tome can be heard on leading platforms including Audible, iTunes and Amazon.

Portuguese Police Arrive With Sniffer Dogs At The Ocean Club On May 4th. Credit Jon Clarke 2
Portuguese police arrive with sniffer dogs at the Ocean Club on May 4th. Image from: Jon Clarke

Narrated by Clarke himself, it spans the early years after the British toddler was snatched from her holiday home on the Algarve to a deep dive into the life of the prime suspect Christian Brueckner over the last two years.

The investigative journalist – who was the first to arrive in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007 – has visited Germany twice and Portugal dozens of times while researching the book.

Interview With Brueckners Best Friend Bjorn With Rob Hyde Left In Park. Credit Jon Clarke
Interview with Brueckner’s best friend Bjorn with Rob Hyde (left) in park. Image from: Jon Clarke

As well as also finding numerous links to Brueckner in Spain, he met and interviewed dozens of friends of the German paedophile, who was made an ‘arguido’, or official suspect, in Portugal on April 20.

Listen carefully as he builds a painstakingly detailed case against the 17-times convicted sex offender and exposes the many flaws in the original police investigation.

My Search For Madeleine Audio Book Cover
My search for Madeleine Audio Book Cover. Image: Jon’s Clarke book.

“This is a world class True Crime book and a solid piece of public interest journalism,” said former Sunday Mirror Investigations Editor Graham Johnson.

“Tirelessly researched and told me a lot of things I didn’t know about the case,” added Martin Brunt, Sky News Crime Correspondent.

“A Herculean effort,” insisted Robbyn Swan and Anthony Summers, authors of Looking for Madeleine.

The book was created thanks to the excellent services of 

The book My Search for Madeleine is now available audible.


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