AN Elche woman has been arrested for slapping her daughter in the face after the family’s pet dog relieved itself indoors.

The 14-year-old girl ran into the street to call for help and a passer-by phoned the Elche Policia Local.

Officers carted off the mother, 37, to the police station and charged her with assault.

The girl was given a medical examination and then taken to an Alicante reception centre for children after telling authorities that she did not want to return home.

The child said her mother lost her temper after their dog fouled inside their home.

After the girl cleared up the mess, an argument ensued.

The parent struck her, including slapping her in the face and grabbing her hair.

The mother then seized the teenager’s phone to check out her account on a social media network.

Fearing another assault, she sneaked out of the house and asked for assistance.

The girl told officers that it was not the first time that she had been attacked by her mother.

Her parent admitted to police that she struck her daughter three times during the argument, but stressed that was not her normal behaviour.


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