A builder scammed an elderly Mar Menor client by stealing €7,000 from a new bank account that he helped her to open.

The Guardia Civil have arrested a man in Los Alcazares for fraud.

An elderly woman filed a complaint with the Guardia in April that she had been swindled.

She hired the man to do repair work at her property which would be paid for by her insurance company.

He persuaded her to open a new dedicated bank account which would accept the insurance payments to cover his work.

The scammer even went along to the bank with her to help set up the account.

During the visit, he stole the new bank card when the woman was distracted.

He then used it to make withdrawals over a period of months- totalling over €7,000.

The account in effect became his own as he made deposits, withdrawals, and payments from it, until the victim realised that something was amiss.


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