THIS week begins with a general increase in temperatures across Spain, with many areas seeing mercury readings higher than normal for this time of the year.

The intense heat will mainly affect inland Andalucia as well as the province of Malaga, especially in the coastal areas.

Though temperatures at the start of the week will be mild, around 24ºC, the situation will change as the week progresses.

By Wednesday, May 11, 30ºC degrees is expected in large parts of the interior of the province of Malaga, while on the coast the prevailing easterly wind will cool the atmosphere and keep the thermometers at bay.

The rise in temperatures will be more noticeable in the minimum temperatures, which will be 17ºC in Marbella, 16ºC in Velez-Malaga, 14ºC in the capital, 13ºC in Antequera and 12ºC in Ronda.

According to Jesus Riesco, the director of the Malaga Meteorological Centre, the weather this week will be ‘very stable’ anticyclonic weather, ‘without precipitation’ and temperatures ‘above normal values for this time of year’.

Furthermore, it seems that the heat is here to stay and will be the norm for the month of May.

“Temperatures will be above normal values and spring is here to stay,” Riesco said.

That said, according to the weather expert, rain is expected towards the end of the month.


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