TWO workers in a Malaga kebab restaurant have been arrested for sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl in the bathroom of their premises.

According to reports the girl was eating in the restaurant when she asked the staff where the bathroom was.

The cook followed her in, and began to grope and kiss the minor. 

As the perpetrator tried to pull the teenager?s trousers down, she managed to elbow him out the way and escape from the bathroom.

The victim’s sister identified the Kebab shop in a post on Twitter.

The alleged abuser was arrested along with another waiter for not intervening to help the victim despite the screams and shouts for help which were coming from the bathroom. 

Police were called to the restaurant for the victim to point out her abuser. 

The girl was then transferred to hospital to undergo medical examinations. 

The incident unfolded on the evening of Thursday, May 12 in Malaga.

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