VALENCIA city is to name a street after famous cartoon artist Carlos Gomez Carrera, also known as ´Bluff´, who was shot after lampooning fascist dicatator Francisco Franco. 

A street will take the name ‘Bluff’, Valencia city authorities confirmed. Although they have yet to decide which street will be renamed it will be nearby one named after his friend and colleague, journalist Carceller in 2019, in the Malilla neighbourhood of Valencia. 

A statement from Valencia City Council called Gomez Carrera as one of ‘the most significant cartoonists of the Second Republic.’

The cartoonist was shot by the Franco regime in 1940 in Valencia’s Modelo prison, where he was being held after satirising Franco.

Born in Madrid in 1903, Bluff spent his later life, before imprisonment, in Valencia, where he illustrated antifascist strips for various newspapers, often caricaturing the fascist dictator.

Gloria Tello, Valencia’s councillor for heritage and cultural resources, wrote online: “The only weapons he wielded were colored pencils. But the Franco regime did not like graphic humour, or freedom of expression, or artistic creation, and in 1940 he ordered him shot.”


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